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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.311655 5830444F18RikRIKEN cDNA 5830444F18 gene 17    320804 
 Mm.311655 E430014B02RikRIKEN cDNA E430014B02 gene 17    320908 
 Mm.311655 C230085N15RikRIKEN cDNA C230085N15 gene 17    320556 
 Mm.311655 Satb1special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1 17  17 C  20230 
 Gene Ontology DNA binding | establishment and/or maintenance of chromatin architecture | histone methylation | nuclear heterochromatin | nucleus | regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent | transcription factor activity
 Human Homolog SATB1[special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1 (binds to nuclear matrix/scaffold-associating DNA's)]

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