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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.249096 Atp6v1b2ATPase, H+ transporting, V1 subunit B, isoform 2 8  8 B3.3  11966 
 Gene Ontology ATP binding | ATP biosynthesis | ATP synthesis coupled proton transport | ATP-binding and phosphorylation-dependent chloride channel activity | cytoplasm | energy coupled proton transport, against electrochemical gradient | hydrogen ion transporter activity | hydrogen transport | hydrogen-exporting ATPase activity, phosphorylative mechanism | hydrogen-transporting ATP synthase activity, rotational mechanism | hydrogen-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism | hydrolase activity | proton transport | proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex
 Human Homolog ATP6V1B2[ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 56/58kDa, V1 subunit B, isoform 2]

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
P8 Cb GCACAGCCGTGG (5)1.60.0016
P8 Cb GCGATATCATCA (2)1.60.0016
P8 Cb GCGGGTCAGCCC (3)1.60.0016
Cb medulloblastomaATTATATTTT2.30.0023
Cb medulloblastomaGAAAAACCGC (2)2.30.0023
Cb medulloblastomaGTAGAGGCAC (2)2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureATTATATTTT10.30.0103
P8 GC+1d cultureGATATCATCA (2)5.70.0057
P8 GC+1d cultureACAGCCGTGG (5)1.10.0011
P8 GC+1d cultureGTAGAGGCAC (2)1.10.0011
P8 GC+1d cultureTATGTGGACT (9)1.10.0011
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureATTATATTTT5.90.0059
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGATATCATCA (2)3.50.0035
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureACAGCCGTGG (5)2.30.0023
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureTATGTGGACT (9)1.20.0012
3T3 fibroblastsGTCATAGCTG (590)10.50.0105
3T3 fibroblastsGATATCATCA (2)70.007
E15 cortexGGGTCAGCCC (3)4.90.0049
E15 cortexGTCATAGCTG (590)4.90.0049
P1 cortexATTATATTTT4.50.0045
HypothalamusGATATCATCA (2)5.40.0054
HypothalamusGAAAAACCGC (2)1.80.0018
HypothalamusGGGTCAGCCC (3)1.80.0018
E12.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)5.60.0056
E12.5 retinaACAGCCGTGG (5)1.90.0019
E14.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)3.60.0036
E14.5 retinaATTATATTTT1.80.0018
E14.5 retinaGAAAAACCGC (2)1.80.0018
E14.5 retinaGAAACCAGGC (5)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)7.20.0072
E16.5 retinaGAAACCAGGC (5)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaGTAGAGGCAC (2)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaTATGTGGACT (9)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaTGCCACAAGA1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)7.30.0073
E18.5 retinaACAGCCGTGG (5)3.60.0036
E18.5 retinaATTATATTTT3.60.0036
E18.5 retinaCTGACCCCCC1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGAAAAACCGC (2)1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGCCTGCCCTT (5)1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaACAGCCGTGG (5)9.80.0098
P0.5 retinaGTCATAGCTG (590)3.90.0039
P0.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)20.002
P2.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)5.30.0053
P2.5 retinaACAGCCGTGG (5)3.50.0035
P2.5 retinaGCCTGCCCTT (5)1.80.0018
P2.5 retinaGTCATAGCTG (590)1.80.0018
P4.5 retinaATTATATTTT7.90.0079
P4.5 retinaGAAAAACCGC (2)20.002
P4.5 retinaGAAACCAGGC (5)20.002
P4.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)20.002
P4.5 retinaGTCATAGCTG (590)20.002
P6.5 retinaATTATATTTT11.70.0117
P6.5 retinaGTCATAGCTG (590)3.30.0033
P6.5 retinaGATATCATCA (2)1.70.0017
P6.5 retinaTATGTGGACT (9)1.70.0017
P10.5 crx- retinaGATATCATCA (2)3.70.0037
P10.5 crx- retinaATTATATTTT1.90.0019
P10.5 crx- retinaTGCCACAAGA1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaATTATATTTT7.70.0077
P10.5 crx+ retinaGATATCATCA (2)3.80.0038
P10.5 crx+ retinaGAAACCAGGC (5)1.90.0019
Adult retinalGATATCATCA (2)5.60.0056
Adult retinalGTAGAGGCAC (2)3.70.0037
Adult retinalATTATATTTT1.90.0019
Adult retinalGCCTGCCCTT (5)1.90.0019
Adult retinalGTCATAGCTG (590)1.90.0019
ONLGTCATAGCTG (590)5.70.0057
ONLACAGCCGTGG (5)1.90.0019
ONLGATATCATCA (2)1.90.0019