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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.268902 Cplx2complexin 2 13  13 B1  12890 
 Gene Ontology membrane fusion | neurotransmitter transport | syntaxin binding | transport | vacuole organization and biogenesis | vesicle docking during the process of exocytosis
 Human Homolog CPLX2[complexin 2]

Total 11 In Situ Hybridization Images

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Total 55 tags found with positive counts.

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
P8 Cb GCATGACAAAGA (2)8.20.0082
P8 Cb GCTTCAAGAAGT (2)1.60.0016
Cb medulloblastomaATGACAAAGA (2)101.70.1017
Cb medulloblastomaCACACATTCA (5)4.60.0046
Cb medulloblastomaGAAGCCGAGC2.30.0023
Cb medulloblastomaGGGAAGATGC (2)2.30.0023
Cb medulloblastomaTTCAAGAAGT (2)2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureATGACAAAGA (2)43.40.0434
P8 GC+1d cultureCTGGGCCCCT1.10.0011
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureATGACAAAGA (2)38.60.0386
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureTTCAAGAAGT (2)3.50.0035
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGGGAAGATGC (2)1.20.0012
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureTAGGGGAACC1.20.0012
E15 cortexATGACAAAGA (2)4.90.0049
P1 cortexATGACAAAGA (2)40.90.0409
HypothalamusATGACAAAGA (2)18.10.0181
E12.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)9.40.0094
E14.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)9.10.0091
E16.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)12.70.0127
E16.5 retinaGAAGCCGAGC3.60.0036
E16.5 retinaGGGAAGATGC (2)3.60.0036
E16.5 retinaCTGACCTTTG1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)10.90.0109
E18.5 retinaCTGACCTTTG1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGAAGCCGAGC1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGGGAAGATGC (2)1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)19.60.0196
P0.5 retinaTAGGGGAACC20.002
P2.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)54.60.0546
P2.5 retinaTTCAAGAAGT (2)14.10.0141
P2.5 retinaCACACATTCA (5)1.80.0018
P2.5 retinaGAAGCCGAGC1.80.0018
P4.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)55.50.0555
P4.5 retinaGAAGCCGAGC5.90.0059
P4.5 retinaTTCAAGAAGT (2)40.004
P4.5 retinaCACACATTCA (5)20.002
P4.5 retinaCTGACCTTTG20.002
P4.5 retinaCTGGGCCCCT20.002
P6.5 retinaATGACAAAGA (2)46.70.0467
P6.5 retinaGAAGCCGAGC100.01
P6.5 retinaGGGAAGATGC (2)3.30.0033
P6.5 retinaTAGGGGAACC3.30.0033
P6.5 retinaTTCAAGAAGT (2)1.70.0017
P10.5 crx- retinaATGACAAAGA (2)94.70.0947
P10.5 crx- retinaCACACATTCA (5)3.70.0037
P10.5 crx- retinaGAAGCCGAGC1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaATGACAAAGA (2)30.80.0308
P10.5 crx+ retinaGGGAAGATGC (2)1.90.0019
Adult retinalATGACAAAGA (2)5.60.0056
Adult retinalGAAGCCGAGC1.90.0019
Adult retinalTAGGGGAACC1.90.0019
ONLTTCAAGAAGT (2)1.90.0019