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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.290834 Gpr56G protein-coupled receptor 56 8  8 45.0 cM (8 45.0 cM)  14766 
 Gene Ontology catalytic activity | extracellular space | G-protein coupled receptor activity | G-protein coupled receptor activity, unknown ligand | G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway | integral to membrane | integral to plasma membrane | membrane | metabolism | neuropeptide signaling pathway
 Human Homolog GPR56[G protein-coupled receptor 56]

Total 22 In Situ Hybridization Images

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Total 48 tags found with positive counts.

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
P8 Cb GCGCAAAGCAGC (5)39.20.0392
P8 Cb GCGCAAAGCAAA (3)4.90.0049
P8 Cb GCGCATTAGATA (2)1.60.0016
Cb medulloblastomaGCAAAGCAGC (5)9.20.0092
Cb medulloblastomaGCAAAGCAAA (3)4.60.0046
P8 GC+1d cultureGCAAAGCAGC (5)20.50.0205
P8 GC+1d cultureGCAAAGCAAA (3)4.60.0046
P8 GC+1d cultureCAGATCCCGA3.40.0034
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGCAAAGCAGC (5)24.60.0246
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGCAAAGCAAA (3)70.007
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureCAGATCCCGA2.30.0023
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGCATTAGATA (2)2.30.0023
E15 cortexGCAAAGCAGC (5)34.60.0346
E15 cortexCAGATCCCGA4.90.0049
P1 cortexCAGATCCCGA4.50.0045
HypothalamusGCAAAGCAGC (5)9.10.0091
HypothalamusGTGGTGCAGA (2)3.60.0036
HypothalamusGCAAAGCAAA (3)1.80.0018
E12.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)9.40.0094
E12.5 retinaCAGATCCCGA1.90.0019
E14.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)14.60.0146
E16.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)12.70.0127
E16.5 retinaGCAAAGCAAA (3)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaTTCCTGCACT1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)200.02
E18.5 retinaGCATTAGATA (2)3.60.0036
E18.5 retinaGCAAAGCAAA (3)1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaCATCTAGAGG (11)25.50.0255
P0.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)15.70.0157
P0.5 retinaGCGTCCGCTC20.002
P2.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)14.10.0141
P2.5 retinaCAGATCCCGA1.80.0018
P2.5 retinaCATCTAGAGG (11)1.80.0018
P4.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)17.80.0178
P4.5 retinaGCGTCCGCTC40.004
P4.5 retinaCATCTAGAGG (11)20.002
P4.5 retinaGCAAAGCAAA (3)20.002
P6.5 retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)3.30.0033
P6.5 retinaCAGATCCCGA1.70.0017
P6.5 retinaGCAAAGCAAA (3)1.70.0017
P6.5 retinaGCGTCCGCTC1.70.0017
P10.5 crx- retinaTTCCTGCACT3.70.0037
P10.5 crx+ retinaCATCTAGAGG (11)1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaGCAAAGCAGC (5)1.90.0019
Adult retinalCATCTAGAGG (11)7.40.0074
Adult retinalGCAAAGCAAA (3)1.90.0019
Adult retinalGTGGTGCAGA (2)1.90.0019
ONLGTGGTGCAGA (2)1.90.0019