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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.34790 U2af1l4U2 small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor 1-like 4 7    233073 
 Gene Ontology extracellular space | integral to membrane
 Human Homolog U2AF1L3[U2(RNU2) small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor 1-like 3]

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Total 21 tags found with positive counts.

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
Cb medulloblastomaGTCGCTTCTG4.60.0046
P8 GC+1d cultureGTCGCTTCTG3.40.0034
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGTCGCTTCTG3.50.0035
3T3 fibroblastsGTCGCTTCTG3.50.0035
P1 cortexGTCGCTTCTG9.10.0091
HypothalamusTGGGTCTCTG (2)3.60.0036
E12.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG1.90.0019
E12.5 retinaTGGGTCTCTG (2)1.90.0019
E14.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaTGGGTCTCTG (2)1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG3.90.0039
P2.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG3.50.0035
P4.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG20.002
P6.5 retinaGTCGCTTCTG100.01
P6.5 retinaTGGGTCTCTG (2)1.70.0017
P10.5 crx- retinaGTCGCTTCTG3.70.0037
P10.5 crx+ retinaGTCGCTTCTG1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaTGGGTCTCTG (2)1.90.0019
Adult retinalGTCGCTTCTG5.60.0056