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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.45372 1700003D09RikRIKEN cDNA 1700003D09 gene 11    69338 
 Mm.45372 Ppp1r1bprotein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 1B 11    19049 
 Gene Ontology cytoplasm | negative regulation of female receptivity | negative regulation of female receptivity | protein phosphatase inhibitor activity | protein phosphatase type 1 regulator activity | signal transduction | transcription | type 1 serine/threonine specific protein phosphatase inhibitor activity
 Human Homolog PPP1R1B[protein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 1B (dopamine and cAMP regulated phosphoprotein, DARPP-32)]

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Total 24 tags found with positive counts.

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
P8 Cb GCGGCCACGGGA (4)16.30.0163
P8 Cb GCTCCTTCCCTT (6)3.30.0033
P8 Cb GCGACCCAAGGA (8)1.60.0016
Cb medulloblastomaGGCCACGGGA (4)6.90.0069
Cb medulloblastomaTCCTTCCCTT (6)2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureGGCCACGGGA (4)2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureTCCTTCCCTT (6)1.10.0011
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGACCCAAGGA (8)1.20.0012
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGGCCACGGGA (4)1.20.0012
E15 cortexGGAAGGCGGC (4)4.90.0049
HypothalamusGACCCAAGGA (8)1.80.0018
HypothalamusGGAAGGCGGC (4)1.80.0018
HypothalamusGGCCACGGGA (4)1.80.0018
HypothalamusTCCTTCCCTT (6)1.80.0018
E14.5 retinaTCCTTCCCTT (6)7.30.0073
E16.5 retinaGGAAGGCGGC (4)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaTCCTTCCCTT (6)1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaTCCTTCCCTT (6)1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaGGAAGGCGGC (4)20.002
P2.5 retinaTCCTTCCCTT (6)1.80.0018
P4.5 retinaGACCCAAGGA (8)20.002
P4.5 retinaGGAAGGCGGC (4)20.002
P10.5 crx+ retinaGGCCACGGGA (4)3.80.0038
Adult retinalGGCCACGGGA (4)1.90.0019