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 UniGene  Symbol  Name  Chr  Cytoband  LocusLink 
 Mm.2136 Cox4i1cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 1 8  8 64.0 cM  12857 
 Gene Ontology cytochrome-c oxidase activity | electron transport | inner membrane | integral to membrane | mitochondrial inner membrane | mitochondrion | oxidoreductase activity | respiratory chain complex IV (sensu Eukarya)
 Human Homolog COX4I1[cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 1]

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Total 101 tags found with positive counts.

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 Library  Tag (Other Genes)  Normalized Count  % in library 
P8 Cb GCCTAATAAAAG (3)76.70.0767
P8 Cb GCCTAATAAACG (4)24.50.0245
P8 Cb GCCTGGAAAGCT (2)3.30.0033
P8 Cb GCGGAGTGTTGT (2)1.60.0016
P8 Cb GCTCACGATGCT (2)1.60.0016
Cb medulloblastomaCTAATAAAAG (3)78.60.0786
Cb medulloblastomaCTAATAAACG (4)11.60.0116
Cb medulloblastomaGTAATAAAAG4.60.0046
Cb medulloblastomaCCGAGGGAGT2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureCTAATAAAAG (3)73.10.0731
P8 GC+1d cultureCTAATAAACG (4)11.40.0114
P8 GC+1d cultureGTAATAAAAG4.60.0046
P8 GC+1d cultureCCGAGGGAGT2.30.0023
P8 GC+1d cultureAAGGCCAACC (2)1.10.0011
P8 GC+1d cultureCTAATAAAAA1.10.0011
P8 GC+1d cultureCTAATAAAGA1.10.0011
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureCTAATAAAAG (3)77.30.0773
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureCTAATAAACG (4)23.40.0234
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureGTAATAAAAG70.007
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureAACGCCAACC (3)1.20.0012
P8 GC+SHH+1d cultureCCAATAAAAG1.20.0012
3T3 fibroblastsAACGCCAACC (3)70.007
3T3 fibroblastsCTAATAAAAG (3)3.50.0035
E15 cortexAACGCCAACC (3)4.90.0049
E15 cortexCTGGAAAGCT (2)4.90.0049
E15 cortexCTGGAAGCTG4.90.0049
P1 cortexCTAATAAAAG (3)54.50.0545
P1 cortexCTAATAAACG (4)13.60.0136
P1 cortexCCAATAAAAG4.50.0045
P1 cortexCTAATAAAAA4.50.0045
P1 cortexCTAATAAAGA4.50.0045
HypothalamusCTAATAAAAG (3)1250.125
HypothalamusAAGGCCAACC (2)16.30.0163
HypothalamusCTAATAAACG (4)14.50.0145
HypothalamusTCACGATGCT (2)3.60.0036
E12.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)48.80.0488
E12.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)24.40.0244
E12.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG5.60.0056
E12.5 retinaCCAATAAAAG1.90.0019
E12.5 retinaCTGGAAAGCT (2)1.90.0019
E14.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)91.10.0911
E14.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)16.40.0164
E14.5 retinaCCGAGGGAGT5.50.0055
E14.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG5.50.0055
E14.5 retinaAACGCCAACC (3)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)63.40.0634
E16.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)380.038
E16.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG9.10.0091
E16.5 retinaCCGAGGGAGT5.40.0054
E16.5 retinaAACGCCAACC (3)1.80.0018
E16.5 retinaCTGGAAAGCT (2)1.80.0018
E18.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)1110.111
E18.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)400.04
E18.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG12.70.0127
E18.5 retinaCTAATAAAGA1.80.0018
P0.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)49.10.0491
P0.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG5.90.0059
P0.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)3.90.0039
P0.5 retinaCCGAGGGAGT20.002
P2.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)880.088
P2.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)22.90.0229
P2.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG70.007
P2.5 retinaCTAATAAAAA3.50.0035
P2.5 retinaAACGCCAACC (3)1.80.0018
P2.5 retinaCCAATAAAAG1.80.0018
P2.5 retinaCTGGAAGCTG1.80.0018
P4.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)95.10.0951
P4.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)37.60.0376
P4.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG21.80.0218
P4.5 retinaCCAATAAAAG40.004
P4.5 retinaCTAATAAAAA40.004
P4.5 retinaAAGGCCAACC (2)20.002
P6.5 retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)1050.105
P6.5 retinaCTAATAAACG (4)26.70.0267
P6.5 retinaGTAATAAAAG13.30.0133
P6.5 retinaAACGCCAACC (3)1.70.0017
P6.5 retinaCCAATAAAAG1.70.0017
P10.5 crx- retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)53.90.0539
P10.5 crx- retinaCTAATAAACG (4)5.60.0056
P10.5 crx- retinaGGAGTGTTGT (2)3.70.0037
P10.5 crx- retinaCCAATAAAAG1.90.0019
P10.5 crx- retinaCCGAGGGAGT1.90.0019
P10.5 crx- retinaGTAATAAAAG1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaCTAATAAAAG (3)61.50.0615
P10.5 crx+ retinaCTAATAAACG (4)7.70.0077
P10.5 crx+ retinaCCAATAAAAG3.80.0038
P10.5 crx+ retinaGTAATAAAAG3.80.0038
P10.5 crx+ retinaAACGCCAACC (3)1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaCTGGAAAGCT (2)1.90.0019
P10.5 crx+ retinaTCACGATGCT (2)1.90.0019
Adult retinalCTAATAAAAG (3)14.80.0148
Adult retinalCTAATAAACG (4)3.70.0037
ONLCTAATAAAAG (3)26.80.0268
ONLCTAATAAACG (4)5.70.0057